Parkour is the Art of Movement.  A discipline that utilizes the practitioner to move freely towards or over any obstacles he/she may encounter, traversing from one place to another as effective as he/she can.

Parkour focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for movement, which include balance, strength, dynamism, endurance, precision, spatial awareness and creative vision.  It is a is a discipline of self-improvement on all levels, an art that reveals to the practitioner his or her own physical and mental limits and simultaneously offers a method to surpass them. To be completely functional and effective in overcoming obstacles in the environment and situations.

Parkour is also referred to as l’Art du Deplacement or FreeRunning.

During a documentary which was featuring the discipline, a journalist realized that saying “Parkour” was a bit too strange for the masses and thus suggested the term “FreeRunning” for it to be easily understood.

Hence, Parkour (PK) and FreeRunning (FR) are just one and the same.

A practitioner of Parkour is sometimes referred to as a traceur/traceuse.

Or in PPFA, we call them Awesome Peeps!

What is the PPFA Community?

The Philippine Parkour/FreeRunning Association (PPFA) is a non-profit organization that promotes Parkour and FreeRunning Philippines.

We are an organization that is actively advocating a fun, pro-active, disciplined and balanced lifestyle that passionately promotes freedom of movement and self expression, awareness, responsibility and camaraderie among fellow practitioners nationwide.

The PPFA Community holds regular urban and gym jam sessions that are constantly and actively guiding those who want to get into Parkour/FreeRunning. In the hope of sharing knowledge and nurturing the essence of always progressing, and moving with grace and ease amidst an obstacle-laden environment, we pass on the knowledge and the art of movement through collaboration and active participation in workshops, exhibitions, and open discussions. Which furthers the basic principle of relearning and utilizing the core concept of human in motion.

History & Background

The PPFA Community was formed and organized by the group, the Philippine FreeRunners. Whose practitioners (each coming from different backgrounds and skills) constantly train and was bonded together by their passion of taking the Parkour/FreeRunning journey.

As the Philippine FreeRunners continues to grow and evolve, slowly, other groups and practitioners began emerging, joining in for jams (gathering to train together)– especially those who were from outside Metro Manila. Meeting other practitioners gave them a newfound solace of friendship and camaraderie among each other, sharing knowledge and passion to Parkour/FreeRunning. With distance being the main obstacle of furthering this experience.

No Walls. No Gaps. No Boundaries And thus, the emergence of, that fosters the camaraderie of the groups’ practitioners with each other– that even though apart, there’s this one place where every traceurs/traceuses can meet up and be able to share knowledge, new developments and be in constant communication with each other.

The Jump. 15 March 2009. After loads of successful runs and setbacks, the Philippine Parkour/FreeRunning Association (PPFA) was established. Founded by the original teams that made up the Philippine FreeRunners, Parkour Pampanga (now, Pampanga FreeRunners) and the Tacloban FreeRunners. Emphasizing on the fundamental philosophies of Parkour and FreeRunning, as one community of practitioners, sharing knowledge, bridging gaps, overcoming obstacles by passionately keeping the freedom and art of movement flowing.

Keeping the Flow and Spreading the Love and Freedom of Movement Since then, the community has grown, reaching out farther, to other Parkour/FreeRunning practitioners and groups across the nation.  With the continuing emergence of social media and health & fitness awareness, more and more are interested to start their journey in finding their way to understanding Parkour and FreeRunning.

The PPFA Community has since then, progressed their understanding by experiencing skills trainings and proper knowledge building methods with Parkour Generations, Team Tempest, WFPF Affiliate, and knowledgeable conversations, meaningful updates with other global Parkour/FreeRunning organizations and groups, in keeping the Art of Movement steady. Adapting as we all flow in taking the Parkour/FreeRunning journey.

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